Latin jazz vocalist Jessie Marquez blends Cuban, Brazilian, jazz and pop sounds for music with lush harmonies and cool grooves. While her themes revolve around love and longing, her soothing vocals are a balm for any heart. Marquez got on-the-job training in Havana, where she recorded with members of the Afro Cuban Allstars. Sana Locura (2004) reached the top of Latin jazz and Salsa charts in the US and Europe. A frequent visitor to the island, she has appeared on Cuban television and radio and has performed throughout the country. 

Her latest release, All I See is Sky, produced by pianist Clay Giberson (Upper Left Trio, Go By Train) and bassist Phil Baker (Pink Martini, Dianna Ross) features a textured soundscape alongside the singer’s intimate and understated approach. 

Marquez grew up eating her grandmother’s Cuban cooking and hearing stories about the family’s days on the island. She first visited her father’s childhood home in 1996. Right away, she says, “there was something very familiar about it --the way people spoke, their gestures, their attitudes. I felt at home.” 

Marquez seamlessly weaves together Spanish and English lyrics and compelling stories about her artistic life in Cuba to create a bridge between music, language and culture.





“One of the top Latin jazz vocalist in the business.” Edward Blanco, EJazz News

“La reina (the queen) of Cuban music in the Pacific Northwest” Latina Style, National Magazine for the Contemporary Hispanic Woman

“Great talent is where you find it, and in this case, the blessed zone is Eugene, Oregon.” Hispanic Magazine

“Her lyricism and impeccable style are absolutely intoxicating... delightful, sexy, cool and inviting.” The Urban Flux

“Marquez not only hits it out of the park but circles the bases an extra time just to be sure. Hot stuff not to be missed.” Midwest Record

“So otherworldly, so richly textured, so intimate and humid and spicy.” Half Note